What can I expect?

I am at the end of the lease on my 2004 330ci. I wanted a 1 series coupe but -- despite the economy -- I have not been happy with the terms. I am considering re-lesasing my car for another year. However, it is out of warranty. If I decide to re-up for one year, I don't think it is worth it to get an extended maintenance or warranty plan. The car has 46K miles and had been treated pretty well. Any thoughts on what I can expect to go wrong as I drive the car for a 5th year and take it from 46K to 6 or 58K miles?

Second question: in a very rare occurrence, I clipped a construction barrel (or something like it) with the passenger side mirror. One more millimeter and I would have been clear, but that's how it goes. While the unit is intact and there is just a scratch on the outside, the mirror glass is gone, the electronics exposed, etc. Any suggestions on a cost-effective way for me to get this repaired?
A lease out of warranty defeats the purpose of a lease.

Talk with your dealer about the mirror, they may "overlook" it if you lease another vehicle.

Note that the 1-series is only 200 pounds lighter than a 3-series (which I was shocked to learn) and is almost the same price, so it might make sense to just lease a new 335ci and enjoy its 300 HP with no maintenance headaches.

Or perhaps take a look at "Certified Pre Owned" cars on the lot. You should be able to get a good deal these days, since car companies are hurting.