Questions about 328i

I just bought a used 2007 328i Coupe from used dealership. It had 18.3k miles with sport package and xeon lights thats all I notice that was equipped for 28k before taxes and fees. I didn't get a floor mat but salesman said he'll ninja the next BMW floor mats and give them to me.. weird.. anyway rip off or deal?

Also, I notice there was no spare in the back trunk I called a BMW dealership they said that it runs on flats for 100miles @ 50mph soooo what I do when its a flat?

Since it doesn't have a spare in the trunk am I suppose to get anything in the rear trunk like a jack or some tool to unlock the wheel?

thank you.

edit: Also is the service at every 10,000 miles or its different?
welcome aboard. First the floor mats. Since it is a used car, you are at the mercy of the dealership. Otherwise you can purchase a set for around $130 bucks on line. As far as the tires go, there is no spare. The orginal tires were run flats. Meaning that when there is a loss of air pressure, you are able to continue to a tire shop to get it repaired or replaced. Some who do not replace the tires with run-flats keep a can of fix-a-flat or tire goo in the car for emergencys. Next tools, There should be a tool kit in the truck. In my '08 its on the right hand side as you are looking in the trunk. There are wrenches, and enough to help you out.
Again welcome aboard!