Key Roundels are impossible to find

Both me and my wife have lost the roundels from our keys. I've looked just about everywhere, and my BMW parts guy says that the only thing to do is to buy a $201 replacement.... Fat chance. It makes it a bit less convenient to use the center button on those keys, and I'd really like to have something in there.

Does anybody have ny ideas as to where I might find those tiny roundels for the keys on an E49 or E39?

Thanks much.
Key rondels

hi there,

They're not available anywhere that i've heard of, especially for an e49.
They are laser cut keys that have a coding in them so that the car's computer will recognize the key. They aren't interchangeable, because the EWS (immobilizer/anti- theft module) has to "see" the random code coming from the key.

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