2010 BMW X6 Hybrid Spied!

Big Daddy

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TheCarConnection.com's spies spotted BMW's X6 Active Hybrid undergoing hot-weather trials in Death Valley.

Three BMW X6 Hybrid cars were spotted, but one of the test vehicles showed one important difference, as its final hood design was visible for the first time on a real-world prototype. Two of the prototypes showcased enormous hood bulges, but the third prototype's hood--while still bulging more than a standard X6--looks clean with a tastefully-integrated bump sculpted in near the cowl.

These details lead us to the conclusion that the production X6 Hybrid will take its visual inspiration from BMW's X6 Active Hybrid concept. Whether the revised hood bulge is there to make room for some hybrid-specific hardware, or if its sole purpose is to signal one's green-leaning tendencies, is currently unknown.

I wonder if they're making a special engine and system, or if they will use the 3.0TT I6 and mate it to a GM-type battery assist system. I inquired about this car, since my X3 comes off lease in late 2009, but not even the enthusiastic salesman knew what I was talking about. We did speculate that the hybrid version would probably have slightly reduced performance and an added benefit of maybe 2-3mpg at best, much like the Lexus RX type of hybrid.