2008 M3 Build-Your-Own on www.BMWUSA.com

Looks like they added it there now... The web site's a bit slow. Everyone must be on there customizing like mad! LOL

yah. now all i need is $65k... lol :p
bmw m3

The new m3 is an amazing and well crafted car with awesome power. I can't wait to get my new m3 later this year as I should on the waiting list in the next few weeks. I want to get the hartage kit for my as soon as I buy it. Anyone know of any other upgrade kits for the m3?
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yah, but sadly, the m3 sedan has the same fugly tail lights as the other 3-series sedans. :( wish they would put the coupe tail lights on the sedans- like they did w/ the e46's.